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Topper Filling Machine Line Solution Co., Ltd.
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Topper Bottling Filling Production Line Co., Ltd. ( is a liquid filling, bottling, packaging machinery manufacturer and supplier in China, providing various filling solutions for a large scale of liquid products in extensive area to meet all kinds of requirement that you need.

Topper Production Range:
The bottle capacity ranges: 100-40000 bottles per hour or customized
Bottle Volume: 50ml-20L, 3-5 Gallon or customized
Structure: rotary, linear, volumetric, 2-12 cavity, custom cavity, multi-head, 4-6 capping head, 12-30 filling head, custom filling head,
Type: weighing type, ultra-heat treated type, RO type, reel-fed type, belt type, negative pressure type, gravity filling type, etc.
Automation level: automatic, fully automatic, high automation, etc.
Machine material: stainless steel, SUS 304, SUS 316, SUS 316L, etc.
Bottle material: PET, glass, PP, plastic, iron, aluminum, PE, etc.
Bottle type: can, jar, carton, paper box, glass, bottle, pouch, box, etc.
Control system: PLC, separate control cabinet, touch screen, pneumatic control, electric control, mechanical control, level control, etc.
Function: 3 in 1 mono-block washing filling capping sealing
Certification: CE, ISO, UL, RoHS, SGS, ISO 9001, DIN, ISO 9000, ISO 9000:2000, etc.
Other features: high precision, time-saving, self-adhesive, high flexible, seamless, low-noise, scalable design, best hygiene, clean design, high resource, maximum flexibility, long service life, hot filling, hot-fill, air-proof parts, high speed, high efficiency, etc.

The liquid filling machines adopt advanced technology and numerous new technology, new process and new structure. To better achieve the three processes: washing, filling, sealing, all the parts of the equipment that contact with liquid is made from stainless steel and wear-resistance & ozone-proof materials. With high-standard food sanitation, stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, high-tech and advanced control system and satisfying after-sales service, our machines are popular among foreign and domestic customers.

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