Society for Family Health (SFH) was incorporated in 1985 and is one of the foremost Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), that provide support to the Nigerian government in key areas of public health: HIV&AIDS prevention, family planning and maternal & child health (malaria, water and sanitation, and diarrhoea control). SFH works with the media to promote behaviour change and healthy lifestyles.

Objective of service: Supply of medical equipment, consumables and medicines for A360 project in SFH.
In line with achieving the major objective for this project, SFH invites interested and reputable companies to bid for retainership supply of medical equipment, consumables and medicines under the listed Lot components (below): This Retainership Agreement is required for a period of one (1) year; with the option of an agreed extension period.

LOT 1 –      Medical Equipment:
S/N Item Description Quantity
1 Ward Screen: -Locally Fabricated Ward Screen folded (with Purple cloth) (overall size of bed side screen: 244cm L x 165 cm H (opened): 60 cm L165cm (closed) 20 pcs
2 Delivery Bed: – Delivery Bed (made in sections; Size: 1680 x 620 x 800 mm; with adjustable back rest & leg rest to varying positions. Fabricated and framework made of Mild Steel Epoxy coated finish and two leg holders and mounted on protective stumps). 20 pcs
3 Autoclave sterilizer – Portable stainless steel 18L autoclave steam sterilizer 20 pcs
4 Angle poised lamb 20 pcs
5 Mechanical weighing scale 20 pcs
6 Automatic BP monitor 20 pcs
7 Rechargeable flexible reading lamp 20 pcs
8 Dressing medical drum – stainless steel (Medium- Size 190x140mm) 20 pcs
9 Instrument tray with lid – stainless steel (Medium Size) 20 pcs
10 Instrument trolley (stainless steel) – (L-615mm, B-440mm, H-870mm) 20 pcs
11 Uterine sound (small) 80 pcs
12 Vagina speculum (Medium) 80 pcs
13 Vinyl backless swivel medical stool upholstered 360 degree backless swivel Medical stool 20 pcs
14 Instrument and medical cabinet

– Size: 960 x 400 x 1750 mm. Epoxy coated mild steel framework)

20 pcs
15 Galipot with lid (large) 40 pcs
16 Kidney dish with lid (large) 40 pcs
17 Uterine medical scissors 80 pcs
18 Foerster sponge holding forcep 80 pcs
19 Vulsellum forceps 80 pcs
20 Uterine tenaculum forceps 80 pcs
21 Artery Forceps 80 pcs
22 Alligator forceps (long) 80 pcs
LOT 2 – Medical Consumables:
S/N Item Description Quantity
1 Powdered surgical gloves x 2 x 50 pairs 20 packs
2 Disposable, powder free latex examination gloves x 100 20 packs
3 Hand sanitizer-200ml 20 pcs
4 Antibacterial hand wash- 500ml 20 pcs
5 Cotton wool-450g 20 packs
6 jik- 500ml 120 bottles
7 Pregnancy test strips x 50 strips 20 packs
LOT 3 – Medicines
S/N Item Description Quantity
1 Hydrocortisone injection-(100mg per vial) 40 vials
2 lbuprofen-400mg (pack of 100 tablets) 20 packs
3 Amoxicillin-500mg- (pack of 100 capsules) 20 packs
4 Paracetamol-500mg (pack of 96 tablets) 20 packs
5 Metronidazole- 400mg (Pack of 100 tablets) 20 packs
6 Doxycycline- (200mg, pack of 100 capsules) 20 packs
7 Surgical blade – (size 10, pack of 100 blades) 20 packs
8 Sterile gauge- (10cm x 10cm x 50pcs) 20 packs
9 Plaster- (inch) 40 pcs
10 5ml syringe & needle-(pack of 100) 20 packs
11 2% Lidocaine plain- (per vial) 20 vial

All the medical equipment, consumables and medicines are to be delivered in SFH Warehouse at, Block IV, Plot 24, 25, 26 & 27, Ogun State Housing Corporation Estate, Off Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State. (Delivery cost to the warehouse should be embedded in the unit price of each item and not quoted as a line item).

Interested organizations are advised to bid for only one of the lots mentioned above: non-compliance would lead to disqualification.

(A) Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for consideration, interested organisations must provide the following details:
(a) Profile of the organisation, including organisation’s certificate of incorporation, physical address, and contacts (telephone and email).
(b) Tax Clearance Certificate for 2014, 2015 and 2016
(c) Most recent audited account.
(d) Evidence of previous similar job and supply done (must include any or all of the following; Award Letters, Local Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Note)

(B) Evaluation and Selection of the Supplier
(a) A procurement committee will be constituted to review the submissions and shortlist applicants to proceed to the next stage of Request for Quotation based on the criteria listed above.
(b) This ITB would involve two (2) stages; Prequalification and Request for Quotes.

Pre–Qualification Stage;
At this stage, a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ qualifier will be used to rate all the points above, and only companies with a ‘yes’ response against all the points above will be considered for the request for quotation stage.

Only companies that satisfy the Pre-qualification requirements will be evaluated for Request for Quotation.
The quotations for the vendors that did not qualify will be returned to them unopened.
All costs incurred by bidders as a result of this process and any subsequent requests for information shall be borne by the bidding companies

Request for Quotation Stage:
Companies should also submit quotation for the preferred LOT they intend to supply.
The Procurement committee set up within SFH will assess the extent to which Quotation submitted in response to this ITB meet the evaluation criteria that are set forth below.
The following criteria will be used to evaluate each bid;
Price (SFH is not bound to choose the lowest bidder/quote)
Delivery Date

Note: Your quote must be valid for a minimum of 12 months.

Submission of Applications/Closing Date:
The code “SFH/A360/PREQ” should be boldly written on the top right corner of the Pre-Qualification Stage submission envelope while the code “SFH/A360/QUOTATION” should be boldly written on the top right corner of the Request for Quotation submission envelope. Name of organisations tendering should also be clearly written on rear of the two envelopes, failure to do this will lead to disqualification. The two (2) sealed envelopes should be addressed to the following:
The Head, Procurement Division,
Society for Family Health (SFH)
8 Port-Harcourt Crescent
Off Gimbiya Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

Note: Submission of bids must be hand delivered or couriered to the address above. The closing date for receiving the application is 10 working days from the day of publication, (i.e 23rd August 2017). Any application received after the stipulated ten (10) working days will not be accepted.

Society for Family Health reserves the right to appoint or not to appoint any of the companies as it may deem fit. Any company appointed shall be subject to terms of engagement that may be entered on appointment as the supplier.
Bids sent via email will be disqualified.
Organisations should take account of the expected delivery time required, and are responsible to ensure that bids are received at SFH by the due date and time. Lost or misdirected courier packages received after the due date and time may be considered as having been submitted late.

Any questions and/or requests for clarifications in relation to this ITB must be submitted in writing via email by no later than 5:00pm GMT +1, 17th August, 2017 to: ([email protected]).

Bids which are submitted late or are incomplete or do not fully respond to this ITB may not be considered in the review process.
Only successful bidders will be contacted
No advance payments will be made at the point of award.
SFH does not pay Value Added Tax (VAT).

Applicable Withholding Tax will be deducted from the winning Vendor’s contract value.


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