Christian Aid (CA) is a UK-based international NGO, partnering with others to end poverty in Africa. At the heart of this vision is the transformation of the lives of people who live in poverty, empowering them to have a brighter future. Christian Aid works in more than 30 countries and has been operating in Nigeria since 2003.

Christian Aid’s operations in Nigeria are expanding and in order to effectively carry out its activities, it is looking for interested companies for the supply of goods and services for its humanitarian work in Borno State. You are invited to submit your most competitive quotation for the items in the attached



S/N Item Description Qty Per Kit Total Quantity
Lot 1 Non-food items to be packed into 2400 kits based on quantities
1.1 Sleeping Mats Synthetic, Tear Proof, Plastic Water impervious;

Finished size: 1.8 x 0.9m minimum. Floor mats made in a tightly women twill weave fabric

(2/1, 3/1, 3/2) of clean and net appearance

Weft: Recycled polypropylene (PP) hallow tubes not containing any fillers

2 pcs 4800
1.2 Blankets Woven, 50% wool fibres 25%, 50% other textile fibres, recycled fibres accepted. Grey, brown or other dark colours, preferably not dyed.

Size: 150cm x 200cm +3X/=1%

Weight: 2kg. edges must be stitched with cloth. To be taken on flat stabilized sample, without folds.

2 pcs 4800
1.3 Jerry Can 10L volume; 145g weight; made of Polyamide 280micron made of polyethylene 280micron UV stabilized with non-toxic coating

-A built-in carrying handle

-Zipper closed top opening 140mm

1Pc 2400
1.4 Jerry can 20L volume; 145g weight Made of Polyamide  38micron made of Polyethylene

280micron UV stabilized with non-toxic coating.

– A built-in carrying handle

– Zipper closed top opening, 140mm

1Pc 2400
1.5 Laundry detergent Water-soluble 250g powder for hand washing clothes, not harmful to skin, must be fit for human utilization, without any disagreeable odors and flavors 6 Pcs 14400
1.6 Bath soap Bar of 250grm for bathing, not harmful to skin, from animal or vegetable fat not containing pork fat must be fit for human utilization, without any disagreeable odors and flavors 7 Pcs 16800
1.7 NaDCC Disinfection Tablets Each tablet to give approx 2 mg/L residual chlorine after 30 minutes contact time when added to 10L of clear water (<10 NTU) tablets composition to contain 67mg NaDCC sodium dichloroisocyanurate (non-hazardous for airfreight) packs to have instructions in English 150 tabs 360000
1.8 Disposable Sanitary Packages of 6 to 8 pieces of regular type disposable sanitary pad for women 3Pcs 7200
1.9 Bucket 12 Litre bucket, plastic with metallic handle 2Pcs 4800
1.10 Basins 10 Litres bowl for washing, plastic, rectangular 1Pc 2400
1.11 Kettle Plastic Kettle for hand washing; Round with handles, 1Pc 2400
1.12 Kitchen Set (Standard) Cooking Pot, Plates, cup, Table Spoon, Kitchen Knife, Serving Spoon Set 2400

Indicate delivery time of the times

The bidder must meet these criteria/ submit one scan copy each of the following:
(i) Evidence of company incorporation with CAC – 20%
(ii) Evidence of Payment of taxes/Tax Identification Number-20%
(iii) Evidence of execution of similar jobs in the past 3 years – 40%
(iv) Duly signed bid 20%

(Please Note that the financial bid will not be considered if the score for the Pre-qualification is below 70%)

Financial Bid/Price Quotes:
You are expected to present your best quote which is expected to be inclusive of 5% WHT for the above mentioned products because the best quality product with lowest price will be chosen. The validity of your quotation must not be less than 30 days.
(1) You are invited to Submit your most competitive quotation for the items in the attached Appendix A.
(2) Schedule of requirement is contained in Appendix A, respond accordingly showing your most competitive prices.
(3) Where practicable and economical, attach copies of any supporting manufacturer’s specifications, pictures of quoted items etc. with the bid documents. Indicate details of the quoted products and non-conformance where applicable.
(4) The Bidder is expected to examine all instructions, terms, and specifications in the bidding documents. Failure to furnish all information required by the bidding documents or to submit a bid not substantially responsive to the bidding documents in every respect will be at the Bidder’s risk and may result in the rejection of its bid.
(5) Terms of payment: Terms of payment shall be in accordance with the contract conditions, i.e. on or before the expiry of FOURTEEN DAYS from completion of your obligations under the resulting contract. It should be noted that no advanced payments will be made in any resulting contract.
(7) Method of Submission: Please send by e-mail to: [email protected] your most competitive bids along with all scanned supporting documents on or before 5pm of Friday 18th August,2017.

Bids must be submitted via e-mail. All bids shall be considered and evaluated based on Christian Aid’s Procurement Guidelines and only successful bidders will be notified. Submissions after this deadline will not be considered.

The subject should be the name of the bidder.


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