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The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) is desirous of executing some rehabilitation projects and to procure various major transmission equipment and Works under its 201 6 fiscal year appropriation.

Accordingly. TCN invites qualified, and reputable Companies to tender for the procurement of the under listed Goods and Works and services.

LOT 1: 60 Tons Hydraulic Truck Crane (50Mtrs)

LOT 2: 2.5Ton, 5Ton and 10Ton Fork Lift

LOT 3: 10Ton Hiab Lorries

LOT 4A: 30Ton Trailer

LOT 4B: 2.5 tons Motorised Pallet jack

LOT 5: 20Metre Long Aerial Electric operation Bucket truck

LOT 6: Self-loading utility Vehicles (12 Tons heavy-duty trucks fitted with 5.0Ton Crane.

LOT 6B: Fire Truck

LOT 7: Land Rovers.

LOT 8: Hilux Van 4×4, Toyota Accredited Dealers only.

LOT 9: Hilux Van 2×4 Toyota Accredited Dealers only

LOT 10: 100MVA 132/33KV power Transformer

LOT 11: 60MVA 132/33kV Power Transformers.

LOT 12: 75MVAR 330KV Shunt Reactor

LOT 13: Transformer Oil Filtration Machines

LOT 14A: 330KV Isolators

LOT 14B: 132KV Isolators

LOT 14C: 33KV 3 Phase 1250A Isolator

LOT 14D: 33KV 3Phase 2000A isolator

LOT 15A: 330KV Circuit Breakers

LOT 15B: 132KV Circuit Breakers

LOT 15C: 33KV (2000A) SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker

LOT 15D: 33KV (1250A) SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker

LOT 16: 330KV Capacitor Voltage Transformers

LOT 17: 33KV Instrument transformers

LOT 18A: Line Distance Protection Relays

LOT 18B: Transformer main and back-up Protection relays

LOT 19: Under- frequency relays

LOT 20: Accessories for Kelman Dissolved Gas Analyzer Kit. Type Transport X

LOT 21: Power system protection Relay Coordination and analysis software

LOT 22: Control Panel Indication Meters

LOT 23A: Protection Engineers Precision Toolbox

LOT 23B: Mechanical Tools Box

LOT 24A: Aero-Shell Hydraulic Oil

LOT 24B: SF6 Gas (40kg Cylinder)

LOT 25: Surge Arrester Tester.

LOT 26: 110VDC battery Chargers

LOT 27A: 110VDC 200AH Battery Bank

LOT 27B: 110VDC 400AH battery bank

LOT 28A: Composite Insulators for 330/132KV

LOT 28B: 120KN 132KV Glass Insulators

LOT 29A: Supply of 310KM of 150mm2 ACSR-Wolf conductors

LOT 29B: Supply of All Aluminium Alloy Conductor (AAAC)

LOT 30A: Temporary grounding leads

LOT 30B: Leather Safety belt

LOT 30C: Live line Working Tools and spare materials

LOT 31: Hypotronic Tester

LOT 32: Dielectric oil Tester

LOT 33: 5KV & 10KV insulation resistance tester.

LOT 34: Surge Arresters

LOT 35: 300mm2 x1 core 33KV Armoured Cable

LOT 36: Repair and calibration of Omicron Relay and Transformer testing Equipment.

LOT 37: Transformer Oil Regeneration Services of 1 x 60MVA and 2x30MVA Power transformers at Maryland and Alimosho Transmission Substations

LOT 38: Transformer Oil Regeneration Services of 1x90MVA 330/132/33kV Power transformers at Birnin Kebbi Transmission Substation.

LOT 39: Overhauling of 60MVA1 32/33KV T22 (ELTA Made) Power Transformer at EffurunTransmission Substations

LOT 40: Re-conductoring Works of Delta-Effurun 132KV Transmission Line.

LOT 41: Design, Dualization and rehabilitation of Eleyele Ibadan North 132KV transmission Line

LOT 42: Replacement of Missing Skywires under Bauchi Region

LOT 43: Transformer Oil Regeneration Services of 2x150MVA330/1 32/33KV PowerTransformer at AlaojiTransmission substation

LOT 44: Transformer Oil Regeneration Services of 2×1 50MVA 330/132/33KV Power Transformer at Egbin Transmission substation

LOT 45: Transformer Oil Regeneration Services of 2×1 50MVA 330/1 32/33KV Power Transformer at New Haven Transmission substation

LOT 46: Replacement of Missing Skywires under Kaduna Region

LOT 47: Replacement of Missing Skywires under Lagos Region

LOT 48: Replacement of Missing Skywires under Oshogbo Region.

LOT 49: Replacement of Missing Skywires under Shiroro Region

LOT 50: Replacement of Missing Skywires under Port-harcourt Region.

LOT 51: Rehabilitation of Corroded Towers (Bauchi, Kaduna and Shiroro Region)

Interested companies are to provide the following:
(1 ). Certificate of Incorporation/Evidence of Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)in Nigeria with forms C02 and C07).
(2). Current Tax Clearance Certificate for the past three years (2013, 2014 and 2015).
(3). Three years Audited Financial account (2013, 2014 and 2015) duly stamped by a registered Auditor
(4). Evidence of compliance with the provision of Pencom Act 2004
(5) Evidence of compliance with the provision of ITF
(6) Evidence of Compliance with Nigeria Social Insurance Trust fund (NSITF)
(7) Evidence of Company Registration with BPP database
(8) Evidence of Experience with contract awards in at least two(2) Jobs of similar natures for all the LOTs in the last five years.
(9) Evidence of Partnership with a reputable manufacturer/Evidence of Manufacturer representative for a reasonable period of time –for Goods
(10) Evidence of quality of equipment including product brochure(s)- for Goods
(11) Evidence of Banking support/Financial capability.
(12) Company profile and technical qualification showing curriculum vitae of key personnel on similar jobs
(13) Evidence of Works Equipment holdings or access to lease of relevant equipment, machineries etc. (Works only).
(14) A sworn affidavit confirming that all information presented and attached are true and correct of the company

Interested Applicants are requested to indicate their interest by requesting for the “TENDER DOCUMENT” for categories A&B above from the office of:
General Manager(Procurement) TSP,
PHCN Corporate Headquarters.
Plot 441 Zambezi Crescent, Maitama, Abuja. Nigeria.

Applicants shall pay a non-refundable Tender Fees of N30,000.00 Per LOT.

All payment shall be through CBN Remittal platform payable to the Transmission Company of Nigeria-TSP before collection of the Tender Document(s).

All documents shall be submitted in one original, one copy and a soft copy.
1. CATEGORIES A&B: Completed Technical and Financial bid documents for Categories A&B shall be submitted in separate envelopes, sealed and clearly marked “Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid”, respectively, for each LOT of your choice. The Technical Proposals must bear the relevant quotation Prerequisites and Technical details (to be issued with the Tender Document).

Tenders shall be submitted to:
The General Manager(Procurement) TSP,
Room 122/129, PHCN Corporate Headquarters, Plot 441
Zambezi Crescent, Maitama, Abuja.

Separate document in separate envelopes shall be submitted for each LOT of your interest. The name and mailing address of the Applicant Company must be clearly marked on the envelope(s).

The schedule for the closing and opening of the TECHNICAL proposals are as follows:
Category A: 9th January, 2017 by 12Noon and Opening of Tender immediately after.
Category B: 11th January 2017 by 12Noon and opening of Tender immediately after.

All openings will take place at the TCN CHQ Auditorium 2″ floor.

1. Failure to provide information/supporting document that is essential for the evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications, or to provide timely clarification or substantiation of the information supplied, may result in disqualification of the Applicant.
2. TCN reserves the right to verify any claim by Applicants. Applicants should, therefore, include in their submissions necessary authority and guarantee for such verification.
3. Contractors with litigation history will not be considered.
4. Manufacturer or Representative whose equipment in TCN System are known to have high failure rate will not be Considered.
5. This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of TCN to award contract to any contractor and the lowest bidder may not necessarily be the winner for award.
6. No Contractor shall be awarded contract more than two (2) Lots in each category.

For further information and/or clarification, please contact the following Emails:
i. [email protected]
ii. [email protected]

Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)