The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in furtherance of its mandate is Planning to execute the under listed project(s) for a sustainable development of the Niger Delta Region and as a result, requires the services of competent, experienced and qualified contractors in the construction industry to undertake the following projects:

The projects for which contractors services are required and for which capacities will be assessed are as follows:

1 Education Provision of school furniture in Ukwa East and Ukwa Abia West Primary Schools at Umuabo/Miri/Azulo/ Odike, Ukwa East/West LGA Abia
2 Education Construction of a Hostel Block at Fed. Govt. Technical College, Ohanso, Asa, Ukwa West LGA Abia
3 Energy/Power Supply Rural Electrification of A mapu, Isiala Ngwa North LGA Abia
4 Energy/Power Supply Rural Electrification Project at Ohuru, Ukwa West LGA Abia
5 Energy/Power Supply Construction of Solar Powered street light at Obiga, Asa, Ukwa West LGA Abia
6 Energy/Power Supply Construction of Solar Powered street light at Umukabia – Umuagbom, Umuahia North LGA Abia
7 Energy/Power Supply Solar Street Light in Umu -Osu- Ahia Morie, Umuahia South LGA Abia
8 Health Construction of Cottage Hospital at Arongwa Autonomous Community in Osisioma, Umuejie, Ngwa LGA Abia
9 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umule-Obiohuru- Isigwurugwu- Uhuocha Road, Umuahia North LGA Abia
10 Roads/Bridges Construction of Egbelu-Mbutu- A mapu link road, Isiala Ngwa LGA Abia
11 Roads/Bridges Construction of 2km Ehume-Umuanya road in Umuokpara, Umuahia South LGA Abia
12 Roads/Bridges Construction Umuosoro-Nnono-Amaoba road, Ikwuano LGA Abia
13 Roads/Bridges Construction of Owo-Ahafor-Umunkiri-Nenu- Mgbokonta Rooad (10Km) Abia
14 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umuoriehi-Umuawa road, Umuahia North LGA Abia
15 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umuaro-Ntigha Ekwereazu Abia
16 Roads/Bridges Construction of Owo Asa – Umuiku Ozar road (3km), Ukwa West LGA Abia
17 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umuabuo road with a spur to Uzo Miri- Azulo, Akwete, Ukwa East LGA Abia
18 Roads/Bridges Construction of Akwete internal road network, Ukwa East LGA Abia
19 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umuokomiri Internal Road at Obehie, Ukwa West LGA Abia
20 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umukalu Market – Umudibia Road, Ukwa West LGA Abia
21 Roads/Bridges Construction of 2Km Nkata Akpahia Okpuala Road Umuahia North LGA Abia
22 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umuituru – Umuadienwae Road, Ukwa West LGA Abia
23 Governance, Social Services & Sports Skill Acquisition for Abia State Abia
24 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of civic Centre at Umuihie-Odo, Umuahia LGA Abia
25 Governance Social Services & Sports Supply of ICT Ed/ Mat/Sch Upgrade at Umulechi Primary School, Obuzor, Ukwa East LGA Abia
26 Ecological Reconstruction of Land slide Disaster site at Oron and Flood Control Works at Ndua Ukpa Okpoto-Ete, Oron LGA Akwa Ibom
27 Education Construction of Three Classroom in Community Secondary school Afiah Nsit Urua Nko in Nsit Ibom LGA Akwa Ibom
28 Education Construction of Administrative block and renovation of staff quarters at Oron Boys High School, Oron LGA Akwa Ibom
29 Education Construction of Oyubia Admin Block, Offices and Ultra Modern Library at Christian Technical Secondary School College Oyubia Akwa Ibom
30 Education Provision of Tables/Chairs/Desks and Benches for Secondary Schools, Oron/ Mbo/ Okonbo/ Udung Uko/ Urue Offong-Oruko Akwa Ibom
31 Education Construction of Classroom Block at Primary School, Ibesit Ebong, Oruk Anam LGA Akwa Ibom
32 Education Reconstruction and renovation of Primary and Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State (Various) Akwa Ibom
33 Education Construction of Classroom Blocks at Primary School Obot Mme, Ini LGA Akwa Ibom
34 Energy/ Power Supply Electrification of Ibiono Eastern and Central Itan, Itu LGA Akwa Ibom
35 Energy/ Power Supply Conversion of Low Voltage Distribution System (LVDS) in Uyo to High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS) complete with Aerial Bundle Conductors (ABC), Uyo LGA Akwa Ibom
36 Energy/Power Supply Provision and Installation of Solar powered street Light at Asak-Ikang, Ebughu to Ibaka, Mbo LGA Akwa Ibom
37 Energy/ Power Supply Completion of Etinan Town Substation, Etinan LGA Akwa Ibom
38 Energy/ Power Supply Solar street light for Ibiomin, Esit Eket-Jamestown Road, Eket LGA Akwa Ibom
39 Energy/ Power Supply Solar powered street light at Abat town, Etim Ekpo LGA Akwa Ibom
40 Energy/ Power Supply Construction of 33KV lines to Uyo Metropolis from Transmission Substations 1 x 15MVA, 33/11KV Substation at Idoro and 1 x 7.5MVA Substation at University of Uyo, Uyo LGA Akwa Ibom
41 Energy/ Power Supply Provision and installation of solar powered street light at Okopedi Okobo LGA Akwa Ibom
42 Energy/ Power Supply Provision of Solar street light at Uyo, Itam-Ididep, Ibiono Ibom LGA Akwa Ibom
43 Energy/ Power Supply Connecting Ibom Power Plant Electricity to Ikot Abasi Communities, Ikot Abasi LGA Akwa Ibom
44 Health Construction of Health Centre, Okoroli Akwa Ibom
45 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Jetty at Ayadehe/Itu Bridge, Itu LGA Akwa Ibom
46 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ukana Uwa East Via Offok Via Annang (5Km) (Lot 1-3), Essien Udim LGA Akwa Ibom
47 Roads/ Bridges Construction of road network at Ikot Uko-Odoro, Essien Udim LGA Akwa Ibom
48 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ukpom Ita-Ibakachi Ukpom Unya road, Ikono LGA Akwa Ibom
49 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Oron-Ewang-Ibaka Road, Oron/Mbo LGA Akwa Ibom
50 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ikot-Ekpene village roads through NEPA line Nto-Nnem Village hall Layout Ituak-Abang in Ikot-Ekpene LGA (Phase 1) Akwa Ibom
51 Roads/Bridges Construction of Idoroko-Ikot Idara Itam Road (Phase 1) Nsit Atai LGA Akwa Ibom
52 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Idoroko-Ikot Idara Itam Road (Phase 2) Nsit Atai LGA Akwa Ibom
53 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Nditia – Odio road with bridges, Eket LGA Akwa Ibom
54 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Eyo Abasi / Uya Oro road, Oron LGA (2.5km) Akwa Ibom
55 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Obot-Ukom-Ntah-Ntan- Mbet Beach Road, (Lot 1-4), Obot Akwa Ibom
56 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ikot Abasi No 1/Ekpene Obom road (5Km), Etinan LGA Akwa Ibom
57 Roads/Bridges
Construction of Ikpe Ikot Nkon – Ukpa Okon – Ikpanya road, Ini/Ibiono LGA Akwa Ibom
58 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Okorote Amadaka Road Akwa Ibom
59 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Abat-town- Esug road in Etim Ekpo LGA Akwa Ibom
60 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ikot – Nko Junction -Obong Itam -Afua – Idoro -Usuk Inyang road, Itu/Ibiono LGA Akwa Ibom
61 Roads/Bridges Construction of 2km Enobong Ufot street, off Ike Oby road, Ibekwe Akwa Ibom
62 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Mbak I Atai Afaha road (3km) in Itu LGA Akwa Ibom
63 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ikot-Ekpene village roads through NEPA line Nto-Nnem Village hall Layout Ituak-Abang in Ikot-Ekpene L.G.A (Phase 2) Akwa Ibom
64 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 3km Abat Nya Ufet Okoro Road with Drains in Mkpat Enin LGA Akwa Ibom
65 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Mkpot-Ukat road, Onna LGA
Akwa Ibom
66 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Idim Ikot-Ayan Ediene Road, Ikono LGA Akwa Ibom
67 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 2.5km road in Ikot Mbong and its environs, Onna LGA Akwa Ibom
68 Roads/Bridges Construction of Nna Enin-Ibiono Ewuro-Ikot Ukpong Road-2km, Ini LGA Akwa Ibom
69 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Eden Inyang-ESK 1km Concrete Pavement road, Mbo LGA Akwa Ibom
70 Road/Bridges Construction of 2.5km Atan Mbak Obio Itam – Ekoi -Ikot Awa road with 1 no culvert in Mbak Obio Tam village, Itu LGA Akwa Ibom
71 Road/Bridges Construction of Internal road network I Okosi Town in Urue Offiong /Oruko LGA Akwa Ibom
72 Roads/Bridges Construction of Internal road network in Oron Urban, Oron LGA Akwa Ibom
73 Roads/Bridges Construction of Road linking Joy Prime Nursery School, Off Youth Avenue Use Ikot Edio, Uyo LGA Akwa Ibom
74 Roads/Bridges Construction of Urua Ekpa-Ikot-Obong Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) Ntak Inyang Itam (Old Itu road) Akwa Ibom
75 Road/Bridges Construction of Road 2, FHE Uyo LGA Akwa Ibom
76 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ikot-Idung junction – Etim Mbuk-Ikot-Udo Ohio Oku Road (Lot 1-4) Akwa Ibom
77 Roads/ Bridges Access road to Uyo Paramount Ruler’s House (Phase 2) Uyo, Uran, Nsit Atai, Ibesikpo Asutan LGA Akwa Ibom
78 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ikot Nko – Ikot Ofiong Ididep Road, Ibiono Ibom Akwa Ibom
79 Roads/ Bridges Gully Erosion Control (120 Meters) at Midim Water Side- Gospel Village, Abak LGA Akwa Ibom
80 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ikot Akpan Abia New Road, Ibesikpo LGA Akwa Ibom
81 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Internal Road at Obong Itam Enobong Nkang Akwa Ibom
82 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 1km Depfamco Road off General Akpan Avenue Akwa Ibom
83 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 3km Utu Ikot Ekpenyong Community Road and Spur Akwa Ibom
84 Water Supply Okossi Town mini water project with reticulation in Urueoffong/ Oruko LGA Akwa Ibom
85 Water Supply Provision of Water Project at Etok Uruk Eshiet, Etim Ekpo LGA Akwa Ibom
86 Water Supply Provision of Water Project in Efen Ikot Okoro, Ito Clan, Ika LGA Akwa Ibom
87 Energy/ Power Supply Provision and Installation of Solar Powered Street Light in the Communities in Ekeremor LGA Bayelsa
88 Health Comprehensive Renovation of Accident and Emergency Block, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
89 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Jetty at Aguru and Egbopulogbene, Sagbama LGA Bayelsa
90 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Dressman Street Phase I (2Km), Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
91 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Agboli Layout Road, Tombia Road, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
92 Roads/ Bridges Construction of l-5Km Concrete Road at Pattos Street, Opposite Saipem Yard Elebele Road Opolo, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
93 Road/Bridges Construction of 1.5Km internal road with drains, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
94 Road/Bridges Construction of Lady Dimaroh Road (2Km), Ofoni, Sagbama LGA Bayelsa
95 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Sampou Kalama Road, Kolokuma/Opokuma LGA Bayelsa
96 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Zain Road Phase II, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
97 Roads/Bridges Construction of Airforce Qtrs Road, Off Imiringi Road, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
98 Road/Bridges Construction of 2Km Internal Rd. at Nigeria Law school Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
99 Road/Bridges Construction of Tamor-Odoni Road, Sagbeama LGA Bayelsa
100 Roads/Bridges Construction of Gbarantoru Concrete Road, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
101 Road/Bridges Construction of 2km Okpoama road (Lots 1-2), Brass LGA Bayelsa
102 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Kingdom Grace Ministry Road, Off Ox-Bow Lake Road, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
103 Road/Bridges Construction of Victory Street, Opposite 2nd Redeem Church, Tombia Road, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
104 Roads/Bridges Construction of Festus Ebi close off Otiotio road with adjoining roads (Lots 1-2), Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
105 Road/Bridges Construction of internal roads (concrete pavement) at Ogbolomabiri (Lots 1-2), Nembe LGA Bayelsa
106 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Internal Road (Phase 2), Agbura New Haven, Azikoro Town, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
107 Road/Bridges Construction of Elder B.F, Obiriki internal, off Tombia Amassoma road, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
108 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Agbere – Odoni link Road, Sagbama LGA Bayelsa
109 Roads/ Bridges Construction of NIIT Extension Phase II (Church RD), Etegwe, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
110 Road/Bridges Construction of Coconut (Okpoi) street with drains at Edepie, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
111 Roads/ Bridges Construction of HRM Eseimokumoh road, Ebedebiri, Sagbama LGA Bayelsa
112 Road/Bridges Construction of Opu Odoni, Odoni town, Sagbama LGA Bayelsa
113 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 1km City of God road along Igbogene -Okolobiri, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
114 Road/Bridges Construction of 1km road behind Tower Hotel, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
115 Road/Bridges Construction of 1km JB Marlin road, Okaka, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
116 Roads/ Bridges Construction of High Court road, Etegwe, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
117 Road/Bridges Construction of Atti Street, Off Amb, Otiotio Yenezue-gene, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
118 Road/Bridges Construction of Lawrence Oputu Avenue, Off Bayelsa Palm (1Km), Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
119 Road/Bridges Construction of Agudama Boro Pit Road, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
120 Road/Bridges Construction of 2km concrete rigid pavement at Egbemo- Angalabiri, Ekeremor LGA Bayelsa
121 Road/Bridges Construction of 2km Concrete pavement road linking Sagbama – Ekeremor road to Angalabiri community, Sagbama LGA Bayelsa
122 Road/Bridges Construction of Justice Tabai Street Extension, Edepie, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
123 Road/Bridges Construction of concrete road at smart Iddo street, off Amassuomo road, Tombia, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
124 Road/Bridges Construction of 1.5KM Gen. Brigeni street off Azikoro road by Bayelsa Palm, Azikoro Bayelsa
125 Road/Bridges Construction of 3km Winners roads extension, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
126 Road/Bridges Construction of Marcus Oloye Internal Road7Km Igbogene, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
127 Road/Bridges Rigid pavement at Biogbolo, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
128 Road/Bridges Construction of Concrete pavement Internal Road in Ogobiri, Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
129 Road/Bridges Construction of concrete road at Ogbotunebofa, off Osiri road Yenagoa LGA Bayelsa
130 Governance Social Services & Sports Construction of Youth Development Centre at Ekeremor Town, Ekeremor LGA Bayelsa
131 Governance Social Services & Sports Construction of civic centre at Aleibiri town, Ekeremor LGA Bayelsa
132 Education Reconstruction and renovation of Primary and Secondary Schools in Cross River State (Various) Cross River
133 Energy/Power Supply Solar powered street light in Adadama, Abi LGA Cross River
134 Energy/Power Supply Solar Street Light at Idere/Utuma/ Uburutu/ Blakpan, Udukpani/Biase LGA Cross River
135 Energy/Power Supply Solar Street Light at Efraya, Etung LGA Cross River
136 Energy/Power Supply Solar street lights in Ekori Adadama road, Yakurr LGA Cross River
137 Energy/Power Supply Provision of Solar Powered Street Light at Calabar Municipal Cross River
138 Energy/Power Supply Electrification of Ekurnba Kakwagom, Boki LGA Cross River
139 Energy/Power Supply Solar Powered Electrification Project at SFU/Nde Community, Ikom LGA Cross River
140 Health Construction of Central Store at University of Calabar Teaching Hospital Cross River
141 Jetty/Shore Protection Erosion Control at Ewa Ekpo Close, Calabar Municipal Cross River
142 Road/Bridges Construction of 3km Betukwel Ring road (Lots 1-2), Obudu LGA Cross River
143 Road/Bridges Construction of 3km Amukwong/Okikwo road (Lots 1-2), Obudu LGA Cross River
144 Road/Bridges Construction of roads with drainage at Mansion crescent by Old forestry quarters 4 corners, Ikom LGA Cross River
145 Road/Bridges Construction of 2km Ekpenyong – Ekpenyong street, off Barracks road, Obudu LGA Cross River
146 Road/Bridges Construction of Utikeb-Ohong-Bebeatsuan road, Obudu LGA Cross River
147 Road/Bridge Erosion control and drainage works at Steady flow-A ranganfam Knowledge Village Nde Ikom (Phase 2), Ikom LGA Cross River
148 Roads/Bridges Construction of Uyanga to Ekpri Ibami, Uyanga Cross River
149 Road/Bridges Construction of Ibogo-Iko Experiment – Iko Esai road, Akamkpa LGA Cross River
150 Road/Bridges Construction of Internal Road at Nigeria Navy Sec. Sch, Ikot Offiong Ambai, Akpabuyo LGA Cross River
151 Road/Bridges Construction of Igbo Imabara Ozomozo beach road, Abi LGA Cross River
152 Road/Bridges Construction of road in Bekwarra, Bekwarra LGA Cross River
153 Road/Bridges Construction of Ewa Henshaw & Erosion Control, Calabar South LGA Cross River
154 Road/Bridges Construction of Akwa Ibami – Ekpri Ibami – Uwet road, Akamkpa LGA Cross River
155 Road/Bridges Construction of Egeiti road by Ekumini stream Ijom, Ugep – Yakurr, 1km Yakurr LGA Cross River
156 Road/Bridges Construction of Akpap-Oboroko-Okurikang Road, Odukpani LGA Cross River
157 Road/Bridges Erosion control and Internal roads network in Kakwagom- Irruan Boki LGA Cross River
158 Road/Bridges Construction of Edim Ewa street with spur to Osim Atanba street off Ogbudu road, Ikom LGA Cross River
159 Road/Bridges Construction of Island-Bassey Ntui road in Akamkpa Urban Ward, Akamkpa LGA Cross River
160 Governance & Social Services Skill Acquisition Centre in Bekwarra, Bekwarra LGA Cross River
161 Governance & Social Services Construction of Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Garage at Usung Odot, Odukpani LGA Cross River
162 Education Rehabilitation of Oto-Ogor Technical College Delta
163 Education Rehabilitation / Reconstruction of Anioboshi Primary School, Delta Oshimili North LGA Delta
164 Education Construction of six (6 No.) classroom block and administrative block at I.C.E, Orerokpe, Okpe LGA Delta
165 Education Renovation of St. Brendan’s Secondary School, Bomadi town, Bomadi LGA Delta
166 Energy Power Supply Solar Powered Street light at Oria-Abraka, Ethiope East LGA Delta
167 Energy Power Supply Extension of HT/LT electricity supply and substations to Evwreni 10km Ring Road, Ughelli LGA Delta
168 Health Rehabilitation / Renovation of Ibusa General Hospital, Oshimili North LGA Delta
169 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of shore protection of Okiri River, Aboh, Ndokwa East LGA Delta
170 Roads/ Bridges Construction Of Ibusa Internal Roads-Lots 1-7, Oshimili North LGA Delta
171 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Owhelogbo Ring road, Phase III, Isoko North LGA Delta
172 Roads/ Bridges Reconstruction of 2km Sanubi-Orhomuru Orogun road, Ughelli North LGA Delta
173 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Magistrate Court/Police Station road and Environ with drainage and street lights, Oshimili North LGA Delta
174 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 2km Ellu Township road Ellu, Isoko North LGA Delta
175 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Afiesere Township roads, Ughelli North LGA Delta
176 Roads/ Bridges Construction of internal link road and drainage in Agoloma, Patani LGA Delta
177 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Bruno road, Uduophori, Patant LGA Delta
178 Roads/ Bridges Rehabilitation of Emede/Owodokpokpor Igbtde road, Isoko North LGA Delta
179 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Cemetery Road Umukwata (430 Metres), Ukwuani Delta
180 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ajukwor street, Ilabor (100 Meters), Ika North East LGA Delta
181 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 2km Ofagbe township road, Isoko North LGA Delta
182 Roads/ Bridges Completion of the construction of 2km Enhwe-Olomoro road (Lots 1-2), Isoko South LGA Delta
183 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 3km Ofagbe Ibrede road Phase I, Isoko North LGA Delta
184 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Internal Roads in Eku (Lot 1-2), Ethiope East LGA Delta
185 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Esiso street, Onome Okpalefe Okorn Street, Ekeravwen Ubrughelli Road, Agbarho. (3KM), Ughelli North LGA Delta
186 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 3-5km road in Mosogar, Ethiope West LGA Delta
187 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Omegbe-Ufie street, Kwale, Ndokwa West LGA Delta
188 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 2Km road and Drainage off Barr. Arthur Akpowowo Street, Eku, Ethiope East LGA Delta
189 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 1.5km internal road and drains at Oviri- Olomu town/Okparabe town linking Road, Ughelli South LGA Delta
190 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Orhuworun – Owhrode Road, Udu LGA Delta
191 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 1km Jay Ogor Street, Ozoro, Isoko North LGA Delta
192 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 2km Otor-Igho township roads, Isoko North LGA Delta
193 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Igwreanwarre Abovwe Road, Ughelli North LGA Delta
194 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Concrete Pavement at Oporoza Town, Warri South West (Phase 1) Delta
195 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Obukoene Crescent, Ovu Inland, Ethiope East LGA Delta
196 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Owhaha – Okwagbe – Otutuama Road, Ugheili South LGA Delta
197 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Okrenkoko Internal Road projects (3 Km), Warri South West LGA Delta
198 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Udu Layout, Phase I, Bojt-Boji Owa, Ika North East LGA Delta
199 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Concrete pavement road/drainage at Bubougbene Phase II, Burutu LGA Delta
200 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Oyibo street internal road (2km) Eneberi layout, Effurun, Uvwie LGA Delta
201 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ohore dump site road, NUPA road Effurun, Uvwie LGA Delta
202 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Vitaform road, off Warri – Sapele road Amukpe, Sapele LGA Delta
203 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Emevor/Issi road, Isoko North LGA Delta
204 Roads/ Bridges Reconstruction of old Olomoro road, Isoko South LGA Delta
205 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Eku – Obagie Boboroku/Agor road, Ethiope East LGA Delta
206 Roads/ Bridges Extension of Ughelli to Aghara-Otor road in Ughelli North LGA Delta
207 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Oruche Odudu crescent/drainage Shell road linking Okirigbaga road, Sapele LGA Delta
208 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Agishoni/UBE street Ughelli North LGA Delta
209 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Grace Akome, Ogboka and Ezuzu street Ozoro, Isoko North LGA Delta
210 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ultra Modern Civic Centre /Access road Uzere, Isoko South LGA Delta
211 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 1,8km Deeper Life road, Boji-Boji Owa, Ika North East LGA Delta
212 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Owhelogbo, Emu road, Phase I, Isoko North LGA Delta
213 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 1km Ovuokoroyeberhie street, Ughelli North LGA Delta
214 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Okparavero Close, Sapele LGA Delta
215 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ovokoroyeberhe, Upper Agbarho, Ughelli North LGA Delta
216 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Ovie street and old Ekete road, Ovwian, Udu LGA Delta
217 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Akiewhe Community Road, Akiewhe Owhe, Isoko North LGA Delta
218 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Bunamazi – Agoloma road, Patani LGA Delta
219 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Okpare Waterside Internal Road Network, Ethiope East LGA Delta
220 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Orhuwhorun/Owhode road, Udu LGA Delta
221 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 1.5km Ogboka/Ezuzu street road and drainage, Isoko North LGA Delta
222 Water Supply Construction of Otor-igho solar water project, Isoko North LGA Delta
223 Education Renovation of Owe Primary School, Owe, Orhionmwon LGA Edo
224 Education Construction of Block of Classrooms at Abia Primary School, Abia and Ogbomoide Primary School, Ogbomoide Ekpoma, Esan West LGA Edo
225 Education Construction Adolor Secondary School Road, Ugbowo, Egor LGA Edo
226 Education Construction of perimeter fence in Jattu Grammar School, Etsako West LGA Edo
227 Energy/Power Supply Provision of solar street lights at Owe, Orhionmwon LGA Edo
228 Energy/Power Supply Provision of 300 KVA Transformer Idunmwowina in Ovia North East LGA Edo
229 Energy/Power Supply Supply and Installation of Solar- Powered Street Light in Orhiomwon/Uhunmwode LGA Edo
230 Energy/Power Supply Electrification of Ugo-Oben Iguelaba, Orhionmwon LGA Edo
231 Energy/Power Supply Renovation and Solar Powered Electrification of the General Hospital, Sabongida-Ora, Sabongida Uhonmon-Ora road, Owan West LGA Edo
232 Energy/Power Supply Installation of solar street light at Anegbete, Etsako Central Edo
233 Energy/Power Supply Solar Street Light in Agenebode road, Weppa, Estako East LGA Edo
234 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Etete Road GRA Benin City, (2Km), Oredo LGA Edo
235 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 1KM Abulele Road, Evboriaria Quarters, Saplele Road, Oredo LGA Edo
236 Roads/Bridges Completion of Okada/ Usen road 5 km in Ovia North East L.G.A (Phase 1) Edo
237 Roads/ Bridges Completion of Okada/ Usen road 5 km in Ovia North East L.G.A (Phase 2) Edo
238 Roads/ Bridges Construction of road from Ogbe Idumogo and Idumuguokha to Odu river, Ewohimi in North East/South L.G.A Edo
239 Roads/ Bridges Rehabilitation of Oza-Igbanke Road, Orhionmwon LGA Edo
240 Roads/ Bridges Renovation of Uromi General Hospital Edo
241 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 2km Uromi – Onewa road Edo
242 Roads/ Bridges Construction of 2km Ukepotubu road Edo
243 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Idigie road, Esan North-East Edo
244 Roads/Bridges Construction of 2Km Ukhuegigbaira road Sharp Corner and Oise Lamouth Road, Sabongida Orra, Owan West LGA Edo
245 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Okun-Uwague road at Ikpoba-Okha L.G.A Edo
246 Roads/ Bridges Reconstruction of Amoya road with spur to Johnson street with drainage at Otuo, Owan East LGA Edo
247 Roads/Bridges Construction of Unemen-Emunekhua road, Esan South East LGA Edo
248 Roads/Bridges Construction of internal road James Watt N. Okaeben street, off Akpakpava road, Ovia North East LGA Edo
249 Roads/Bridges Construction of internal road Eanalou street, off Country Home road, Ugbor Quarters, Ovia North East LGA Edo
250 Governance Social Services & Sports Construction and Furnishing of Edo North Traditional Council Hall, Etsako West LGA Edo
251 Governance Social Services 6\ Sports Development of Skill Acquisition Centre in Iyekogbe Community, Oredo LGA Edo
252 Governance Social Services & Sports Construction of Ultra Modern Civic Centre in Uzebba, Owan West LGA Edo
253 Governance & Social Services Provision of Town Hall in Ogba-Neki Village
254 Governance, Social Services & Sports Water Supply Construction of Youth Ultra-Modern Town Hall at Iruekpen, Edo Esan West LGA Edo
255 Water Supply Solar Powered Water at Aideyanba, Orhionmwon LGA Edo
256 Water Supply Provision of Solar powered borehole at Okada in Ovia North Edo East LGA Edo
257 Water Supply Provision of Water Project at Idulaka, Orhionmwon LGA Edo
258 Education Rehabilitation/equipping of three block of 4Nos classrooms, Science Laboratory with perimeter fencing and solar street light at Mbutu, Aboh Mbaise LGA Imo
259 Energy/Power Supply Solar Street Light at Umudike Egbema 2km, Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
260 Energy/Power Supply Solar Street Light at Obiakpu,, Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
261 Energy/Power Supply Solar street lights at Enyiogugu – Mbutu – Uvuru road, Aboh Mbaise LGA Imo
262 Roads/Bridges Solar powered Street light at Mgbirichi, Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
263 Health Mgbele Health Centre with Perimeter Fencing, Landscaping and Generator, Oguta LGA Imo
264 Roads/Bridges Construction of Obeakpu internal Road, Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
265 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umuezuta – Umuokanne Road (Phase 1) 2km, Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
266 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umuokanne – Mgbirichi Road (3km) Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
267 Roads/Bridges Rehabilitation of FUTO Internal Road leading to NDDC Hostel (2.5KM) with Drains. Imo
268 Roads/Bridges Construction of St Mary Catholic Palace Road Opuoma 2KM with Drains, Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
269 Roads/Bridges Construction of Inyishi-Amaimo road, Oru Afor, Ikeduru LGA Imo
270 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umuokanne Ilile – Umuapu Road ( Phase 1) 3km Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
271 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Umuago – Obosima FECOLAT Road (1.5km) Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
272 Roads/Bridges Construction of Afor Uzii-Umuaju-Eke Eziama Road Imo
273 Roads/Bridges Construction of Obinze -Umuokanne road, Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
274 Roads/Bridges Construction of Abaezi – Abacheke Link Road (2km), Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
275 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umueze-Umuekpene/Umuakam-Owutu road (Ogwumabiri Market) Imo
276 Roads/Bridges Construction of Umudurueke Ndiawa – Ndionwanibe road Izombe Oguta LGA Imo
277 Roads/Bridges Construction of 2KM Road from Umuagu Obowu to Ehume, Obowo LGA Imo
278 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ihiteowerri Umuagu Junction Road to Amanato-Utali Road, Orlu LGA Imo
279 Roads/ Bridges Construction of roads with drainage Eluama/Ndiowerre/Ama Ezie road, and Practicing school 2 road, Orlu LGA Imo
280 Road/ Bridges Construction of 1km Nkwerre street – Hon. Samdaddy Anyanwu street with one side drain, Owerri Municipal Imo
281 Governance, Social Services & Sports Rehabilitation of Two School Blocks and One Staff Building at PMSS Oguta LGA Imo
282 Governance, Social Services & Sports Furnishing and Equipping/Landscaping of Mmahu Comprehensive Health Centre, Ohaji/Egbema LGA Imo
283 Canalization / Reclamation Construction of Jetties at Ijuoshun, Iyansan and Akotogbo for the use of Naval Outpost Men and (Marine Policemen at Ijuoshun, Okitipupa LGA Ondo
284 Canalization / Reclamation Dredging of Fiyebrasintei to Majabi, Fiyebrasintei/ Majabi Ondo
285 Education Construction of 6 Class Room Block at Igbokoda Grammar School, Ilaje LGA Ondo
286 Education Construction Of 12 Class Room Block Composite Structure at Mogohen, Ilaje LGA Ondo
287 Energy/ Power Supply Extension of Rural Electrification at Igbekebo, Ese- Odo LGA Ondo
288 Energy/ Power Supply Solar Powered Street light along Igbisin Oloto – Igboegunrin Road, Okitipupa/Ilaje LGA Ondo
289 Energy/ Power Supply Solar powered street light Odigbo, Odigbo LGA Ondo
290 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Concrete Jetty at Obe Uji, Ilaje LGA Ondo
291 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Shoreline Protection at Ode-Mahin (Lots 1-2), Ilaje LGA Ondo
292 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of a Jetty at Omogbemi Camp Obenla, Ilaje LGA Ondo
293 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Concrete Jetty at Bijimi, Ilaje IGA Ondo
294 Road/ Bridges Construction of Okitipupa-Iluagbo Road, Ilaje LGA Ondo
295 Road/ Bridges Construction of 7.5km road with rigid pavements from Ondo Zion Pepe to Agerige (Lots 1-7), Ilaje LGA Ondo
296 Road/ Bridges Construction of internal roads at Ode-Ugbo with Ondo interlocking stones, Ilaje LGA Ondo
297 Road/ Bridges Construction of internal roads at Igbekebo with rigid Ondo pavements (Lots 1-5), Ilaje LGA Ondo
298 Road/ Bridges Construction of 2km internal road at Omi-Eja Area, Ondo Obaile, Ilaje LGA Ondo
299 Road/ Bridges Construction of Access road from Obajare-Ebijaw, Ondo Odigbo LGA Ondo
300 Road/ Bridges Concrete pavement with culvert and drains at Mahin Ondo Marine Road, Ilaje LGA Ondo
301 Road/ Bridges Construction of 2km road in Ore town, Odigbo LGA Ondo Ondo
302 Road/ Bridges Construction of 2km rigid pavement road at Adugbo Baale Gbegunrin, Ilaje LGA Ondo
303 Road/ Bridges Water way rehabilitation and clearing from Itebukunmi Ondo (Ilumeje water way) to Atijere, Ilaje LGA Ondo
304 Road/ Bridges Construction of 2KM Road at Aiyeyemi and Temiwoluwa Ondo street, Ore, Odigbo LGA Ondo
305 Road/ Bridges Construction of Big Bross street by Nipco filling Ondo station, Ore, Odigbo LGA Ondo
306 Road/ Bridges Construction of Internal Township Road and Drainages Ondo (2km) at Bolowon Zion Community in Ese Odo LGA Ondo
307 Road/ Bridges Construction of Orunjun Water Works Road Phase 1 & 2 Ifon, Ose LGA Ondo
308 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction and equipping of Modern Civic Centre at Ondo Igboegunrin, Ilaje LGA Ondo
309 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Wooden Civic Centre at Adelesema, Ondo Ese-Odo LGA Ondo
310 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Concrete Jetty and Concrete walkway Ondo at Oroto, Ilaje LGA Ondo
311 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction and equipping of Modern Civic Centre at Ondo Itebukunmi, Ilaje LGA Ondo
312 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Concrete Jetty and Concrete walkway Ondo at Oriretan, Ilaje LGA Ondo
313 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Walkway from Obenla to Ikorigho, Ilaje Ondo LGA Ondo
314 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Walkway from Ayetoro to Asisa, IJaje Ondo LGA Ondo
315 Education Supply of Education Materials to Primary Schools in Rivers Wakirike, Okrika LGA Rivers
316 Road Construction of Obranny Internal Road, Okoboh, Abua/Odual Rivers LGA Rivers
317 Energy/ Power Supply Solar Electrification of Emohua-Kalabari Road, Abonnema to Rivers Obonoma, Buguma to Ido, Asari Toru LGA Rivers
318 Energy/ Power Supply Construction of fully Equipped Electronic Learning Centre in Rivers Bonny and Solar Light in Amariari, Ajala, Light House Sidekiri, Bonny LGA Rivers
319 Energy/ Power Supply Solar Street Light at Orogbum, Oroabali and Oroworukwo, Rivers Port Harcourt LGA Rivers
320 Health Upgrading and renovation of Bonny Primary Health Care Rivers Centre in Bonny LGA Rivers
321 Jetty/Shore Protection Construction of Iloma landing jetty, Andoni LGA Rivers
322 Roads/Bridges Construction of New Rumuoghalu Layout Road Umuodoro off Rivers pipe line Rumuagholu, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
323 Roads/Bridges Construction of Igwuruta Palm Field Estate Link road. Off Rivers Checkpoint Phase I, Ikwerre LGA Rivers
324 Roads/Bridges Construction of Apamini Onwor Road, Atali Town, Rivers Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
325 Roads/Bridges Construction of Wosu Street off Rumuagholu Road, Rivers Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt, lKm Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
326 Roads/Bridges Construction of Gudi Street Off Panama Off Odili Road, Rivers Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt, Ikm Rivers
327 Roads/Bridges Construction of Chinyere Maternity Road, Rumucholu, Eneka, Rivers Rivers State, Ikm Rivers
328 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ishieze Road, Okogba, Ahoada West Local Government Area (Ikm) Phase I Rivers
329 Roads/Bridges Construction of Road 12 First Avenue Okania off Shell Location Road, Mgbuoba, Port Harcourt (1km) Rivers
330 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Bodo Hospital Mortuary Road to Barikor Road, Bodo Gokana Local Government Area Rivers
331 Roads/Bridges Construction of Igwuruta Palm Field Estate Link road, Off Checkpoint Phase II, Ikwerre LGA Rivers
332 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Sime/Bara-Ale/Ogu Road Rivers
333 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Buguma Ring Road Phase I, Asari Toru, LGA Rivers
334 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Old Apani Road (3.6KM), Port Harcourt Rivers
335 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Oduoha-Ogbakiri link road, Emuoha LGA Rivers
336 Roads/ Bridges Construction of Opobo-Kalama bridge, Opobo/Nkoro LGA Rivers
337 Roads/Bridges Construction of landing jetty, Dema, Andoni LGA Rivers
338 Roads/Bridges Construction of Abam-George-kalio link road, Okrika LGA Rivers
339 Roads/Bridges Construction of flag avenue off Aker road, Rumuolumeni, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
340 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ibe Kamalu Road, Port Harcourt Rivers
341 Roads/Bridges Construction of Jemaima street, off Peter Odili road, Port Harcourt Rivers
342 Roads/Bridges Construction of Buguma-Abbiama bridge, Asari Toru LGA Rivers
343 Roads/Bridges Construction of Rigid Pavement and Drain at Otunria, Andoni LGA Rivers
344 Roads/Bridges Construction Of Internal Road in Egbelu Minita New Layout Opposite Jephtah Secondary School, East West Road, Ozuoba, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
345 Roads/Bridges Construction of Rumuodunwere Internal Roads & Drains and Onwucheka Close by Radio Rivers, Rumuodani, Elelenwo, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
346 Roads/Bridges Construction of Akalama-Piri lKm Road, Akuku Toru LGA Rivers
347 Roads/Bridges Construction of 3km Umuodiri-Umufoke Internal Roads, Phase I, Omuma LGA Rivers
348 Roads/Bridges Reconstruction of Odani Road, Rumuodani Elelenwo, Obio-Akpor LGA Rivers
349 Roads/Bridges Construction of Bodo City 2Km Internal Road, Gokana LGA Rivers
350 Roads/Bridges Construction of Nwa-Oriema (Attah) Road and drainages at Egbekwu/Obor/Obie, Onelga Rivers
351 Roads/Bridges Construction of 1km Rigid Pavement at Anglican Avenue of Rumuoke Road, Rumuepirikom, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
352 Roads/Bridges Construction of Chief Daniel Amadi street, off Stadium road, Port Harcourt
353 Roads/Bridges Construction of 3km Umuodiri-Umuroke Internal Roads, Phase II, Omuma LGA Rivers
354 Roads/Bridges Construction of Internal Roads at Amaji, Etche L.G.A Rivers
355 Roads/Bridges Construction of Ebukuma – Otuibotoron road, Andoni LGA Rivers
356 Roads/Bridges Flood/Erosion Control Work at Piribiri Community, Okrika LGA Rivers
357 Roads/Bridges Construction of Zaami Street/Kor/Aa Kaani Bori Link Road, Bori Urban 2Km with concrete Bridge, Bori LGA Rivers
358 Roads/Bridges Construction of 1km Road Project Chief Ehule Street Off Ada-George Rumueme, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
359 Roads/Bridges Construction of Prof. Okujagu Road with Spurs Off Peter Odili Road, Port Harcourt Rivers
360 Roads/Bridges Construction of Rumunduru Farm Road Oroigmu, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
361 Governance, Social Services & Sports Completion of Obi/Akpor Youth Development Centre Rumuodani, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
362 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of ICT Centre at Mgbuelia Ndele, Emohua LGA Rivers
363 Governance, Social Services & Sports Synthetic Running Surface at the University of Port Harcourt Reorientation Project for Youths, Port Harcourt Rivers
364 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Ede youth secretariat, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA Rivers
365 Governance, Social Services & Sport Construction of Police Station and Health centre at Abam, Okrika LGA Rivers
366 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Elelenwo Market/ Betico Ring road, Elelenwo, Obio/Akpor LGA Rivers
367 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of ICT Centre at Amadi-Ama, Port Harcourt Rivers Rivers
368 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of office and residential blocks for the Nigerian Police at Oyorokoto Community, Andoni LGA Rivers
369 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of 4 Nos. Public Convenience and Recreation Centre for Adedeme-Biri, Anyangu-Biri, Ogan-Polo, Graeme-Polo (Lots 1-2), Okrika LGA Rivers
370 Governance, Social Services & Sports Construction of Skill Acquisition Centre in Bori, Khana LGA Rivers
371 Governance, Social Services & Sports Supply of ICT Ed/Mat/Sch Upgrade At Community Secondary School I & II, Obuoma, Degema LGA Rivers
372 Governance, Social Services & Sports Supply of ICT Ed/Mat/Sch Upgrade At Community Primary School, Rumuobiakani Rivers
373 Water Supply Pipe-borne water project for Dikibo-Ama, Okrika LGA Rivers
374 Water Supply Construction of Solar water scheme at Rumuwoji community, Port Harcourt Rivers
375 Water Supply Water Rehabilitation at Yeghe, Gokana LGA Rivers

Interested and qualified contractors with relevant experience who wish to tender for these projects are required to obtain further information on the above from the office of the Executive Director, Projects, NDDC Head office, 167 Aba Road, Port Harcourt between the hours of 10am and 4pm Mondays through Friday; beginning from March 16, 2017 until thursday 30th March 2017.

Interested contractors who wish to Tender for these projects would be deemed qualified to collect their tender documents at the address stated below after payment of a non-refundable fee of N50,000.00 (Fifty thousand naira) only payable in bank draft in favour of the Niger Delta Development Commission and the submission of the following documents (with relevant verifiable evidence):
(1) Certificate of Registration of company in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission together with the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Form C07 showing the list of Directors and number of shares each has subscribed to;
(2) Evidence of Registration on the National Database of Contractors, Consultant and Service Providers:
(3) Clear indication of a Verifiable Head Office address, indicating address of Branch office(s) or outlet(s) in the Niger Delta Region and a Utility Bill of the office(s)/Outlet(s);
(4) Corporate profile of firm Indicating ownership;
(5) Professional registration of the Firm with appropriate professional Body;
(6) An indication of any of the project/type above that the company is interested in;
(7) Evidence of Current Tax Clearance Certificate of the company for the past three (3) years duly certified and issued by FIRS;
(8) A confirmable VAT Certificate with evidence of remittance;
(9) Evidence of up to date Annual Returns;
(10) A Verifiable evidence of compliance with statutory Pensions Act;
(11) Verifiable evidence of Registration and Contributions to the Industrial Training Fund (ITF);
(12) Documented evidence of financial capability of the company (e.g Certified Bank’s Statement for the past three (3) years duly stamped and signed by the Bank)
(13) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the company possesses the professional and technical qualifications and shall make them available, when required to carry out the works;
(14) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the Company shall exercise requisite skills in service provision and only use genuine/specified materials and inputs in the execution of the works;
(15) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing the company is not in receivership;
(16) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing whether any officer of NDDC is a former or present Director of the company;
(17) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing whether any Director of the Company has been convicted in any country for any criminal offence relating to fraud or financial impropriety;
(18) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the company has not unduly abandoned any previous job awarded to it by NDDC;
(19) Affidavit of Disclosure, disclosing that the Company/Contractor possesses the legal capacity to enter into a procurement contract;
(20) A statement of Interest, including a statement of availability to Undertake and Deliver the job with the Specified duration;
(21) Technical capability of the Firm, Including CV of relevant staff and profile Equipment;
(22) Evidence of track records of the firm in the execution of similar Projects;
(23) Letter of Reference, Evidence of payment for similar jobs done in the past with verifiable names and phone numbers of contact persons from the awarding institution;
(24) A well laid-out itemized strategy/intended methodology for a smooth delivery of the proposed project; and
(25) Any other information that would aid in good assessment of the company.

Contractors are expected to fully comply with the above requirements as failure to do so may weaken the contractor’s case. Contractors are to submit only genuine and verifiable documents as contractors who submit fake or fraudulently obtained documents would be disqualified and the attention of the relevant security agencies may be called; if necessary. All submissions would be evaluated on the basis of documents submitted and selection would be based on a series of factors including contractor’s competence, experience and track record.

The selection of contractors will follow the Provisions laid out in the Public Procurement Act, 2007 for this category/threshold of projects;
Only Contractors that have substantially fulfilled the above stated conditions shall be given the tender documents to tender for these projects: Contractors can seek clarification or request for additional information by writing officially to the officer listed below before the deadline for the submission of the tender document; Contractors are advised not to try to influence the selection process as this would lead to immediate disqualification of the contractor and they may also be barred from seeking other contract opportunities from the Commission; Contractors are advised not to tender for more than one project;

All costs incurred by any contractor in the preparation of these documents are to borne entirely by the Contractor; and
NDDC reserves the right to reject any or all submissions and to terminate the entire selection process at any time without any liability to the Commission.

Completed bids documents, written in English Language, should be submitted in sealed envelope marked with the appropriate job title on the top left corner and addressed to:
The Executive Director, Projects
Niger Delta Development Commission
167, Aba Road,
Port Harcourt.

The bid documents must be collected at the above office from 10am on Thursday, 16 March, 2017, until Wednesday 30th March 2017 and must be submitted, on completion, at the same address not later than 12 noon, Wednesday 26th April, 2017.

Bids will be opened in the presence of bid representatives (who choose to attend) and invited observers at the NDDC Headquarters’ ground floor by 12 noon, Wednesday, 26 April, 2017.



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