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The Enugu State Government after series of presentations by Revenue Consultants has further need to streamline and integrate its revenue collection process, which will enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in driving both tax and non-tax revenue.

It is against this backdrop that the State Government through the new leadership of Enugu Slate Board of Internal Revenue (ENSBIR) therefore solicits for the submission of proposals from competent companies and audit firms in the following areas:
1. Integrated Tax Management Systems to boost the Internally Generated Revenue of the Stale, by stemming leakages in the short-run and expanding the revenue base in the long-run
2. Communication Technology from reputable and qualified Telecommunication Companies to provide Integrated central internet for the Board of Internal Revenue
3. Tax Audit Firms to perform regular auditing of the tax agents in the state to ensure government revenues are fully accounted for
4. Revenue Consultants to work as revenue drivers for various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to boost the IGR of the Stale.

The objectives of this process are:
1. Integrated Tax Management Systems: To engage Tax Management Company that will provide tax management support as well as expertise advice in order to help the State fully integrate the revenue collection processes
2. Communication Technology: To engage a competent Technology Company that will provide a high-speed bandwidth connectivity to Enugu State Board of Internal Revenue and connectivity to major sites backhauling traffic to Enugu State Board of Revenue using L3VPN
3. Chartered Accountants/Chartered Tax Consulting Firms: To engage Tax Consultants who act as Tax Audit Monitoring Agents to the State for the purpose of collecting (on behalf of the State) data from Tax Collection Agents under the Tax law.
4. Revenue Consultants: To engage reputable tax consultants that will act as Revenue drivers and assist various MDAs to fully maximize their revenue potentials.

The proposals should among others include, but not limited to the following:
• Integrated Tax Management Systems
I. Strategies to integrate the tax management system thereby linking all the collection points in the State to the Board of Internal Revenue and the State payment platform.
II. Framework to automate and build a systematic and sustainable collection process in the State.

• Communication Technology
I. Provision of high-speed bandwidth connectivity to Enugu State Board of Internal Revenue and other major sites backhauling traffic to ESBIR
II. A genuine network provider as partner to ensure efficiency in service delivery
III. A robust operational framework for sustainability
• Audit Firms
I. Reputable accounting and audit firms to carry out back duty audit exercises on tax paying agents to ensure that all tax revenues due to the State government are collected as and when due

• Revenue Drivers
I. Framework on how to partner with the State MDAs in achieving effective revenue collection drive in the State
II. Systematic daily revenue collection and reporting to the State Board of Internal Revenue

The proposals should cover but not limited, to the following:
1. Integrated Tax Management Systems
• Design a platform for linking all revenue collections to the BIR server
• Streamline and automate revenue collection and payment procedures
• Ensure that all eligible tax payers are captured in the Tax Payers Database
• Continuous update of Tax Payers Database
• Provide expert advice and support to BIR officers in the use of the automated software in order to ensure sustainability.

2. Communication Technology
• Design the details of Installation and operation of the bandwidth facility
• Provide the required equipment to gain access to the central server
• Take up the responsibility of liaising with the network service providers from time to time to ensure minimum down time

3. Chartered Accountants/Chartered Tax Consulting Firms
• Perform regular auditing of tax payers as well as tax collecting agents
• Advise on tax related issues
• Provide quality assurance through improved data management, thereby ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

4. Revenue Drivers
• Design a systematic and automated revenue collection mechanism to reduce cost as well as improve efficiency
• Enumeration/data collection to help boost our revenue points.

Enugu Stale Government through the Enugu State Board of Internal Revenue invites eligible Companies to express their interest in providing the above mentioned services. Interested Organisations must provide the following.

• Administrative/ Legal Requirements:
1. Evidence of certificate of Incorporation with the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) including form C02 and C07
2. Evidence of registration as a Contractor with Enugu State Government
3. Evidence of company Tax Clearance Certificate and Audited Account for the three (3) years (2013, 2014,2015), duly signed by ANAN/ICAN licensed Auditors
4. Evidence of 2% bid Security in a draft addressed to the Board
5. Evidence of VAT registration and payment
6. Current pension clearance certificate from National Pension Commission (PENCOM)
7. This EOI must be accompanied with sworn affidavit disclosing that they do not have any director who has been convicted in any Country for any criminal offence relating to fraud or financial impropriety or criminal misrepresentation or falsification off acts relating to any matter
8. Company must provide evidence of minimum annual turnover of between N150-200Million (One Fifty To Two Hundred Million Naira)
9. Evidence of two-three (2-3) similar projects executed in the past two (2) years including letters of awards, completion certificates etc
10. Company profile to include names, qualifications and experience of key personnel
11. Evidence of financial capacity from a reputable bank
12. All relevant information concerning contracts, addresses, telephones, fax and e-mail address of company or representative(s)

Note: Failure to comply with from item 1-12 above will lead to disqualification of the EOI

All Expression of Interest must be submitted in sixteen hard copies and a soft copy on CO-ROM and delivered to Enugu State Board of Internal Revenue Headquarters. No 2 Leek Avenue, By Ridgeway Road, Enugu, not later than Wednesday January 4, 2017

Interested applicants may obtain further information at the address above from 8a.m. to 4p.m. Monday -Friday (except public holidays)

a. Only Companies that have met all requirements the Slate Government
b. All expression of interest must be submitted in a sealed envelope and area of interest marked at the top right side
c. All Expression of Interest must be signed by an officer authorized to bind the organization to a contract
d. Interested Companies shall pay a non-refundable fee of two hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N250,000.00) for Audit Firms and Revenue drivers and five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000.00) for Integrated Tax Management System and band width Providers These payments should be made into Enugu State IGR Pool Account (A/C No. 1267020010) with FCMB as commitment fee for this EOI
e. This advert shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of Enugu State Government to engage any firm, company or bank nor shall It entitle any Organisation to any claim whatsoever and /or seek indemnity from Enugu State Government by virtue of such company having responded to the advertisement

Enugu State Government reserves the right to reject/accept any/all applications/proposals without assigning any reason(s) whatsoever. All cost Incurred by applicants as a result of the invitation and any subsequent request for information shall be borne by the respondents.

The Chairman
Enugu State Board of Internal Revenue
Enugu State, Nigeria